Going faux, faux sho.


Between the protestors, the risk of a red paint tragedy, and the insane prices (and well, the humanity factor is obvious, right?), I have become a proponent of going faux. I am not claiming myself to be an animal rights activist by any stretch of the imagination. But this blog isn’t about politics, its about fashion. I love my leather jackets, shoes, and handbags, and I definitely own a vintage fur or two. And years ago the option of going faux was really a fashion faux pas as the synthetics and the fake furs were awful. These days the production of faux pieces has been brought to a higher standard that it’s a perfect place to save a penny (and an animal). Plus when you go faux you can snag yourself some pretty sick items in many different colors of the rainbow. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a pink bear or a blue snake (maybe in the crazy ass shows my kid finds on YouTube), yet I have seen some pretty gorgeous blush faux furs and gawked at a killer pair of blue python pumps online. The quality and style are there, but the extra zero in the price tag is not.

Another consideration when going the imitation route is comfort. To say I live in my faux leather leggings would be an understatement; they are like wearing nothing… except if I had a bunch of liposuction done, cause boy do they suck all that shit in. I bought a backup pair and had elastic panels put in the waist band to make them pregnancy friendly even! At Covered we have sold 100+ pairs and we’re not slowing down. If you have them already you should get a bench pair and if you haven’t purchased them yet you should go ahead and do so. Now. Fair warning, they’re a doozy to get on. I joke with clients that if I don’t hear fabric making fart noises and loud grunts from the dressing room while they’re stretching and pulling them, then believe it or not they’re just not small enough. The thing is though, once you get them on they really are magic pants. Your legs look smooth (they have like cellulite blinders, I swear), your booty is lifted (as if you’re doing a handstand, gravity just doesn’t exist), and they’re thick enough to pass as a pant. They aren’t as tough as real leather pants though a la Ross from that one Friends episode (“they’re still not coming’ on man, and the lotion and the powder have made a paste!"). A little wiggling and deep breathing and you’ll be smooth sailing until the next wash (yes you can WASH them).

If it were up to me I would rock faux leather leggings and a faux fur every day and be about as fake as the cast of RHOC’s breasts. Faux real though.